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Product Price & Review Tracker API



  • Scrape real-time weighted product price and review data using product keyword from mainstream US marketplace channels such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Walmart, Homedepot, eBay, Etsy and so on. Data metrics include median pricing, highest, lowest etc and median review, highest, lowest review.

  • The API is for personal use. For more details regarding API usage obligation & liability, please read Legal Terms of Service & Condition

1 Mins Video Google Sheets Demo

Product Price & Review Tracker API Applied to Use in Google Sheets.


  • Generate multi online retail channel weighted product price data using product keyword
  • Weighted Price and Review data includes 4 aspects respectively which are median, average, lowest and highest
  • Weighted product price data is real-time and sync with multi online retail channel.
  • Token supports both API and onsite app

API Endpoint Specifications

  • Endpoint Path: /ap1/3/pricetracker
  • Type of Data: JSON & 2 products per request per min
  • Data Source: Weighted Product Price Tracker
  • Request Limit: 500 requests/month
  • Script & Integration: Code to integrate with cURL, JS, Python, Ruby, Php, Node.js, Java, .NET, Rust, Go, Typescript

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Product Price & Review Tracker API Endpoint Basic Info

API Endpoint Path


Product Price & Review Tracker API


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Type of Data Return


JSON output structured data for Product price & review data

Available API Arguments & Parameters



BUYFROMLO API token. Subscription API is available on www.buyfromlo.com/apis, and accessible to on-site APP on www.buyfromlo.com/app as well



Input a product keyword

Product Price & Review Tracker API


Code Integration and Response

Python Code Sample


JSON Response Sample