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AI Coding Generator API

API:Generative AI


  • Generate AI coding script using specific argument value. It automatically returns specific coding script generated by BUYFROMLO AI that integrates with multi LLM modules (Gemini, Llama, Claude, GPT, Palm, etc). Paid API token can access to BuyfromLo onsite app, meanwhile API returns image bytecode in JSON form.

  • For more details regarding API usage obligation & liability, please read Legal Terms of Service & Condition


  • Generate AI coding script using keywords or descriptions
  • It automatically returns the social media post generated by EBUYFROMLO AI which integrates with multi LLM modules
  • Gemini, Llama, Claude, GPT, Palm, Stablediffusion
  • Paid API token can access to BuyfromLo onsite app, meanwhile API returns image bytecode in JSON form

API Endpoint Specifications

  • Endpoint Path: /api/3/coding-generator
  • Type of Data: JSON & 2/minute
  • Data Source: BUYFROMLO
  • Request Limit: 100,000 tokens/month (Approximate 73,000 English words)
  • Script & Integration: Code to integrate with cURL, JS, Python, Ruby, Php, Node.js, Java, .NET, Rust, Go, Typescript
AI Coding Generator API Endpoint Basic Info

API Endpoint Path


AI Coding Generator


Call Method



Type of Data Return


Output structured JSON data on AI coding scripts

Available API Arguments & Parameters



BUYFROMLO API token. Free and paid subscription APIs are available: /api/3/coding-script-generator, and accessible to on-site APP on /app/3/coding-script-generator as well



Select the type of coding to generate. Current available options: HTMLtable, BlogCSS, Function, mlModeldevelopment



Select a role, such as Python engineer, web designer, etc



Submit a brief of context materials that might affect the outcome of the coding responding result, such as JSON dataset, etc



Current avalable model are OpenAI GPT, Palm, Gemini, Llama & Claude

AI Coding Generator


Code Integration and Response

Python Code Sample

import requests

apiendpoint = "https://api.buyfromlo.com/api/3/coding-script-generator"

## Required Arguments & Parameters ##

token = "your buyfromlo token"
codingType = "the target coding type"
## Current available options: htmltable
role = "a specific type of engineer and developer"
dataset = "required JSON dataset to be converted into HTML table"

## optional arguments and parameters ##
context_materials="total amount of serp results, max. 5 pages"

headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}

## Call the api ##
response = requests.post(apiendpoint, json={"type":codingType, "context_materials": context_materials, "role": role, "json_rawData": dataset}, headers= headers)

JSON Response Sample

    "coding response",
    "token spent"

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Yes, the API supports scraping both top domain and subdomain Shopify webshop domains.

Yes, the API is intended for personal use only.

You can find more information regarding API usage obligation and liability in the Legal Terms of Service and Condition.

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